[[t]hɪ͟ərɑ͟ːftə(r), -æ̱ft-[/t]]
1) ADV: ADV with cl Hereafter means from this time onwards. [FORMAL, WRITTEN]

My new plan seems admirable - hereafter for three years my name will not appear at all.

henceforth, from now on
2) ADV: ADV with cl In legal documents and in written English, hereafter is used to introduce information about an abbreviation that will be used in the rest of the text to refer to the person or thing just mentioned.

Michel Foucault (1972), The Archaeology of Knowledge; hereafter this text will be abbreviated as AK.

3) N-SING: usu the N The hereafter is sometimes used to refer to the time after you have died, or to the life which some people believe you have after you have died.

...belief in the hereafter.

ADV: n ADV, ADV with cl
Hereafter is also an adverb.

He had a sense of mission in both the temporal world and in the life hereafter... Its message is that what a man does in this life has a bearing on what happens to him hereafter.

English dictionary. 2008.

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